About company

AGS Engineering is a Russian manufacturer of reliable gas separation systems, as well as an EPC contractor. The company's production facilities and office are located in St. Petersburg and Novocherkassk (Rostov Region). The AGS Engineering team is composed of highly qualified specialists and engineers with more than 10 years of experience in the production and construction of air separation and compressor stations at industrial facilities both in Russia and abroad.

The equipment manufactured by us was developed by the engineers of our company taking into account the specifics of Russian and European standards, as well as the latest technological innovations and can be performed in various designs depending on customer requirements. At the moment, AGS Engineering equipment is operated at many enterprises in the oil and gas and defense sectors of Russia.

AGS means
57 highly qualified specialists and engineers
2 production sites in St. Petersburg and Novocherkassk with a total area of 2500 m2
Own customer service and installation team
Over 160 completed projects
Main activities

Production of air separation equipment - we design and manufacture reliable membrane and adsorption generators of nitrogen and oxygen of any capacity from the best components on the market. The range of products includes:

01.Adsorption nitrogen stations
02.Membrane nitrogen stations
03.Adsorption oxygen stations
04.Block-modular nitrogen stations
05.Block-modular oxygen stations
06.Cryogenic air separation units
07.Adsorption compressed air dessicants
08.Electrolysis hydrogen generators
09.System for the preparation and maintenance of a modified atmosphere
10.The system of filtration and drainage of compressed air
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