PAO Svetlana

St. Petersburg
High purity block-modular nitrogen station (5ppm) in full factory readiness. Completed EPC contract at the customer site.
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Design, manufacture and build a modular station at the customer’s site to produce high purity nitrogen gas. Design the station to be tied to existing communications. The station should operate fully automatically, with remote administration from the operator’s premises.
We have designed and manufactured a block-modular nitrogen station, consisting of 4 separately transported modules in full factory readiness. The station was produced and pre-tested at our factory. The modules were delivered to a pre-prepared site, assembly and launch work was completed within 30 business days. The total project implementation period was 8 months. The station consists of 4 separate production lines with a capacity of 99.9995% gaseous nitrogen each, one of the lines is in a constant hot reserve.
Implementation Option:
In a Container
Gas concentration
320 m3/h
8 bar
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