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GA-200-H Adsorption Dehumidifiers
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As part of the technical re-equipment of the compressor plant - to design, produce, and put into operation adsorption dehumidifiers with hot adsorbent regeneration, placing dehumidifiers in place of previously used equipment with connection to existing utility networks.
Our specialists have implemented a technical solution based on a two-cylinder dehumidifier circuit. High-quality silica gel with a low regeneration temperature was used as an adsorbent. The countercurrent operation scheme and the use of a part of the drained product air preheated in the electric heater as a regeneration gas made it possible to ensure the optimal adsorbent operation. The automation system is implemented on the basis of a Siemens controller with a local operator panel. GA-200-H Adsorption Dehumidifiers
GA-200-H Adsorption Dehumidifiers
Implementation Option:
Stationery placement
Gas concentration
240 m3/h
450 bar
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