Block-modular nitrogen and hydrogen AGS station
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Design, manufacture and supply a station for the production of industrial gases of nitrogen and hydrogen with a concentration of 5 ppm of residual oxygen. The station should be located in one container and fully automated to operate without the presence of an operator.
The modular nitrogen-hydrogen station was designed and manufactured to simultaneously produce: nitrogen: 99.9995% with a capacity of 30 m3 / h at a pressure of 7 atm; hydrogen: 99.9995% with a capacity of 16 m3 / h at a pressure of 5 atm. The station has an automated control system based on a Siemens controller and a 15-inch operator panel. The whole process of production of industrial gases is fully automatic and does not require the presence of an operator for a long time. The package includes: AGS nitrogen generator; EreDue hydrogen generator; Alup compressed air preparation system (Atlas Copco); Block module AGS; Automation system AGS; AGS water treatment system.
Nitrogen AGS station
Implementation Option:
In a Container
Gas concentration
16 м3/ч m3/h
5 bar
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