LNG regasification systems (RSRS)

Mobile and stationary gasification systems with LNG reserves from 2 to 12000 m3
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Mobile and stationary gasification systems for liquefied natural gas.

Our LNG regasification systems developed by our company have a modular design that allows you to create mobile systems in the shortest possible time. All nodes of the station are delivered to the maximum degree of factory readiness. Сборка.168 (2).png
The composition of the RSRS system:

  • LNG receiving module – used in stationary placement systems, for pumping LNG to storage and reducing evaporation losses during the operation.
  • LNG storage module – mobile or stationary, including cryogenic valves, visual control devices and safety devices.
  • LNG gasification module – is supplied in block design with fittings and instrumentation, to increase the operating time in nominal mode it is equipped with a forced blowing system. Evaporators have a quick defrost system.
  • Heating module – includes electric heating elements to increase the temperature of the production gas.
  • Gas reduction and odorization module – includes valves, explosion-proof instrumentation and automation, odorant capacity and automatic control system.
  • Gas metering unit – serves for commercial gas metering.
  • Inertization module – a modular nitrogen station for purging process pipelines before overflow or repair.
  • ACS module – automatic station control system.
  • Fire tanks with water – for stationary regasification systems.
  • Power supply module – for stationary gasification systems, in a modular design is included in the station kit.

Mobile LNG Gasification Systems

Installation on a prepared concrete site.

Thanks to the modular system and versatility of mobile tanks for storing and issuing liquefied natural gas, it is possible to install a mobile gasification system as soon as possible without creating a special infrastructure. Mobile storage can be assembled from block modules with a volume of 20 and 50 m3, with a total capacity of up to 400 m3 of LNG.

To supply gas in volumes through LNG up to 100 m3, it is possible to use a gasification system from Koles, in this case, the LNG tank module blocks are transported to the gasification station on special trailers. The advantage of this system is that there is no need to pump gas to stationary tanks.

Advantages of a mobile gasification system:

Standard systems

 Model     Storage Volume, m3      Productivity, m3/h      Pressure, MPa      Heater power, kW
     AGS-RSRSM-20      20      300      0.8(1.0)      12
     AGS-RSRSM-40      40      600      0.8(1.0)      24
     AGS-RSRSM-50      50      600      0.8(1.0)      24
     AGS-RSRSM-100      100      1000      0.8(1.0)      35
     AGS-RSRSM-200      200      1000      0.8(1.0)      35
     AGS-RSRSM-300      300      1200      0.8(1.0)      40

Stationary Gasification Systems

Stationary LNG regasification systems can be built on the basis of vertical tanks. The volume of reservoirs is from 500 to 12000 m3, the storage is formed from several vertical cylindrical tanks of various volumes.


Стандартные системы

Model Storage Volume, m3 Productivity, m3/h Pressure, MPa Heater power, kW
AGS-RSRSS-2 2200 8000* До 50 250
AGS-RSRSS-4 4400 8000* До 50 250
AGS-RSRSS-6 6600 8000* До 50 250
AGS-RSRSS-8 8800 20000* До 50 800
AGS-RSRSS-11 11000 20000* До 50 800
AGS-RSRSS-13 13200 20000* До 50 800
*-productivity and type of evaporators can be changed.

Stationary RSRS systems can be equipped with various types of evaporative systems:

  • Atmospheric Evaporators
  • Gap steam evaporators (water)
  • Fire evaporators
  • Electric vaporizer

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