Block Modular Constructions

We design and manufacture block modular designs for customer equipment
We produce modular designs based on:
  • 20 ft shipping container
  • 40 ft shipping container
  • Individual project
Block-Modular Station Set
1. LED lighting
2. The ventilation and recovery system is based on BELIMO drives
3. Fire alarm system and powder fire extinguishing
4. High-quality 100 mm environmentally friendly, non-combustible insulation
5. Heating system
6. Automation system Siemens, Omron, Phoenix Contact, Aries
7. Aviation enamel (service life up to 25 years)
8. Air conditioning
The main components and assemblies of a block-modular station:
Climatic performance Operating temperature +55 °С … -60 °С
Container insulation is made of non-combustible sandwich-panels with a thickness of 50-100 mm. The execution of the block container is selected individually in accordance with GOST 15150 69 and customer requirements.
Ventilation and recovery system It is equipped with industrial fans and air valves with electric actuators, controlled by the general automated control system of the station in accordance with the specified microclimate parameters and the signals of the air-gas sensor inside the container. It is also possible to install an air conditioning system.
Heating Wall convectors and thermal curtains, the temperature regime is regulated by temperature sensors of a single automated control system of a modular station.
Fire alarm As standard, the unit container is equipped with a fire alarm, and powder fire extinguishing is also possible. AUPP is designed to detect and extinguish a fire, to issue a signal from an AUPP system to a customer’s LSP.
Control system The control system is a separate dust and water tight cabinet, protection class not less than IP54. The ACS system as standard is based on the Siemens PLC, but can also be tailored to individual customer requirements. The system provides fully automated operation of the station, also allows remote control from the workstation.
Input distribution device A block-modular station is supplied with an ASU cabinet with 1 or 2 power inputs and automatic switching by ABP. Installation and cable laying in boxes and bends in metal hoses in PVC insulation. A UPS is also included in the package of delivery, which allows monitoring parameters and controlling shutoff valves in case of power failure and emergency stops.
The following industries choose us
Water treatment plants
Compressor stations
Nitrogen and oxygen stations
Diesel stations
Boiler rooms
Hydrogen stations
Residential complexes
Our advantages
Within 2 years, we eliminate all problems encountered with the container at our own expense
Automation of technological processes based on controllers Siemens, Omron, Phoenix Contact, Aries
Design department, which controls the production and prepares a package of documents for turnkey commissioning
We guarantee the production of modular structures clearly on time
Production Information

Rostov Region, Novocherkassk
2000 m2 production capacity
80 production employees

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